Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Photographed by Gerard Lopez

        I'M FINALLY BACK! It has been so long since my last update with my blog. The whole summer was just pure relaxation. I was able to do some rejuvenation and a lot of thinking. I wanted to say sorry for having not much time in updating my blog during my summer break but I'm finally back now! I can't not blog! This also gives me that relaxing feeling. So here I am! Back from Boracay! Don't mind my skin tone. I was tanner back then. :( Anyways, I know this look is a little too simple for a comeback post but It was also my first day in school! I was going for something professional looking and something really fresh. I didn't want to go all out right away on the first meeting since I think people will judge me. HAHAHA! I just couldn't wait to dress up once again! What I love about this look is that I never go wrong with the basics. It's ALWAYS fashionable. What's really in now is giving the professional look a twist. Making it street style-ish. Just like this one. I made it really "on-the-go" but still look professional. And of course COMFORTABLE. So there you have it! My comeback post. (I think I'm gonna make another comeback post with a better outfit. HAHA!) So what do you guys think? :)


Button Down from Ralph Lauren
Jeans from Pull and Bear
Sunnies from Neff
Shoes from Nike (Airmax 180)
Watch from Swatch
Gold Bracelet from Bora
Murse from Louis Vuitton (District PM)

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