Tuesday, November 27, 2012


  The Shulong is the fruit of a long Asian tradition of comfort and well-being. Manufactures since the 1930’s, it was at first a favorite with monks who prized comfort, durability and flexibility. These attributes were soon discovered by the masses, and this shoes style has been a best seller ever since.

  The Shulong’s strength stems firstly from its extraordinary sole. It envelopes the foot and firmly supports it. As comfortable as a slipper, as dynamic as running shoe, the sole is the result of a holistic Asian approach to design. The Shulong blends several rubbers and cotton fabrics to achieve a unique product. Well-being, comfort and foot relaxation are the pillars of the Shulong philosophy, the Shulong touch.

  There was an explosion of color and creativity at TriNoma's Cinema Lobby last November 25, 2012 as Shulong and ResToeRun gathered aspiring shoe designers and art buffs from schools all over the metro. The challenge was "DesignYourShu," where pairs of contestants were asked to come up with an original design for a pair of Shulong YourShu sneakers.

  The teams were given three hours, two sheets of iron-on stickers, four pairs of colored shoelaces, some paint, a couple of acrylic pens and of course, a pair of Shulong YourShu. Participants were encouraged to go crazy with their designs while still having a unifying theme which best represents their respective schools. The teams were also partnered with a Shulong shoe designer to make sure that the designs stay in tune with the Shulong philosophy. 

  Shulong, which means "Comfortable Dragon", is not your typical sneaker. These Wushu-inspired sneakers have a special handcrafted sole - similar to how Wushu shoes are actually crafted. The secret is how the shoes are "cooked" when they are assembled. The shoes are placed in a special oven until the rubber insole becomes a sturdy but comfortable sponge inflated with micro air bubbles.

  But what makes Shulong stand out is the wearer's ability to customize these special shoes. Each pair of Shulongs, in its low- and high- cut styles, come with two sheets of iron-on stickers, four pairs of spare laces in different colors and a Pebeo textile pen. This way, every pair of Shulong YourShu is sure to be one of a kind and truly the wearer's own. 

  Also spotted at the event were top Filipino bloggers Ana Gonzales, Aisa Ipac, Katrina Tan, Sarah Tirona, Seph Cham and Shai Lagarde who all have featured their own customized YourShu sneakers in their respective blogs. These glammed up pairs of YourShu sneakers were displayed to give the contest participants a kick in the right direction. The bloggers also served as contest judges.

  Another esteemed guest was Peter James Villarta of PedroSanti Artworks who took a break from designing skateboards and surfboards to become Shulong's featured shoe artist and design shoes for anyone who has purchased a pair of Shulong YourShu or has brought their pair to the event. 

  The shoe designs from the participants were judged for their originality, creativity and uniqueness, and presentation and mass appeal. The guests, media personalities and bloggers also voted for their favorite Shulong looks. It was (First school) who bagged first place and earned a total of Php 10,000 worth of prizes for their (First design). (Second school)'s (Second design) got them to second place and Php 6,000, while third place and Php 4,000 went to (Third school) and their (Third design).

  Want to experience the Shulong difference? Check out the latest collection in stores now at Res Toe Run in Robinsons Manila, Festival Mall, Alabang Town Center, Gateway Mall, Trinoma, Market Market, Nuvali, Abreeza Davao, Ayala Cebu, Lucky Chinatown, Robinsons Laoag, Tacloban, Embarcadero, Palawan, and General Santos.

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