Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Photographed by Tere Sevilla

               Last Saturday, I attended my friend Chin Mercado's debut at Shangri-La Makati. Her theme was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory combined with Katy Perry's Teenage Dream music video. Yes. The place was filled with FOOD! I had so much sweets and got really hyper! I was dancing like crazy with my sissy Tere Sevilla. We were like Hyenas that just got out of a cage. HAHA! What a comparison! Anyways, back to my outfit. The debutant wanted her quests to attend in their most colorful outfit or something with color. She wanted the party to look lively I guess? So for my outfit that night, I just went for a traditional debut get-up but I decided to incorporate Aztec print. Since Aztec is a really loud print, I didn't add accessories. What's also nice about this button down is that it's really filled with color. Perfect for the theme. And it really pops out when paired with black. I really like the combination! This is also perfect for other occasions or maybe other events. You just really have to experiment and really practice mixing and matching. So do I look sharp? :)


Blazer from Zara
Button Down from Topman
Chinos from Topman
Slippers from Mundo

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  1. wow! you are stylish for a guy :) hope all guys can dress like you..not the usual tshirt pants kinda guy..

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