Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sporty Chic

Photographed by Josiah Medalla

             I was never in to sports when I was little and even now. I just don't like getting tired and all those rough games. All that I loved with sports are the outfits that they wear. HAHA! I just love how comfortable they feel and look. They are really stylish too. Just mix and match them and you will have yourself a "Fasyown" kind of sporty look. I also love the colors that sports attire have. I always see them in either something colorful or neon. Maybe that's just something to distract their opponent? Well with fashion, wearing something neon will make you stand out from the rest. I actually think that this outfit that I came up with has a little "dancer" in it too. I'm not a professional dancer but I love their style too! So what do you guys think? :) 


Vest is DIY
Neon Orange Shirt from Adidas
Cuffed Joggers from H&M
Ransom Sneakers from Adidas
Accessories from H&M


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