Saturday, October 27, 2012


Photographed by Dani Barretto

               For today's outfit, I went for a really really simple look. Literally simple. Went to my good friend Dani's pad and just chilled around. Also shot her for his big brand revelation! (Check her blog So I was just really want to look and feel really comfortable. Didn't want to go really all out since I was just staying at home. I look like I'm in my "pambahay"! HAHA! But I still have to make it work. I believe that confidence is the best accessory. Neutral colors again with a pop of mustard. So what do you guys think? :)


Shirt from Structure 
Shorts from Zara/DIY
Bonnet from H&M
Pulseras from H&M
Ring from D'Loivale
Slippers from Rajo! for Milanos (Toshi)

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