Monday, October 29, 2012


Photographed by Josiah Medalla

          Today I literally felt like a working student! HAHA! Why? Earlier today, I had to go to SDA for a photo shoot then went to Robinsons Manila for a photo shoot again and pull out for Energie Jeans then went back to SDA fro my class. Now I know how it feels to be somehow busy. I actually found it fun because I was hoping for a productive day and I got what I wanted. :)) 

           Anyways, for today's outfit, I wanted to look professional. I just love the preppy style. Whenever I feel like looking like a million dollar fucker, I always dress up like this. It just gives me more confidence! So what I did here was mix colors. I paired this floral baby blue button down with this really striking pink then paired it with this Scott Disick-esq shoes which I love by the way. I'm a huge Scott Disick fan and I just love how he dress up. So how do I look? :)


Button Down from John Francomb
Sweater from H&M
Jeans from Social Collision
Shoes from Mundo
Clutch from D'Loivale

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