Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Yorker

Photographed by Josiah Medalla

       I've always loved how the people from New York dress. It's all about sophistication and glamour. Even if the people there know that they have to run and hurry and cross the streets, they never thought of dressing down. I think New York is the busiest city and I'm still amazed that people there always have room for fashion. I have been updating myself with New York fashion and they always keep me craving for more. So for today's outfit, I went for a New Yorker kind of style. All about looking and feeling sharp. There are 2 things people from New York has to have. One is a pair of sunnies and two, a blazer. The blazer + sunnies combination will give you a sharp and fashionable look. If I were to choose a style, It'll definitely be "The New Yorker" ;)


Button Down from Gap
Blazer from Ukay-ukay
Khaki Pants from Zara
Mocassins from Superga
Socks and Pulseras from H&M
Sunnies and Envelope Clutch from D'Loivale

Look who joined me! One of the best bitches I have ever met, Lois Dy! Decided to take a couple of shots with her since I love how she looked. A different New Yorker style. 

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