Monday, October 8, 2012

Neutral Spring

Photographed by Josiah Medalla

           I felt like wearing something neutral today. I have been wearing something with color for the past few days and I just miss wearing something black and white. Something really neutral. So for today's outfit, I went for a black and white outfit. Of course, I didn't forget to add some color. I didn't want it to be plain and boring. I love how the floral embroidery brings the whole look. I didn't want to ruin the design by over accessorizing. I just wore my everyday accessories. To compliment the color of the embroidery, I paired it with blue socks. This look is something simple yet stylish. You don't really have to go all out to be called stylish. :)

I also wanted to try something new. When people think of spring colors, they think about the colors pink, orange, purple, etc. I wanted to see if neutral colors can work in spring. Spring is all about flowers and all those things. I think the design on my polo is spring enough that I don't have to add a lot of colors to my look. So do you guys think it can work?


Button Down from ESPRIT
Black Jeans from People are People
Boots from Doc Martens
Socks from H&M
Pulseras from H&M

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