Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Energie Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection


Energie , true to the ideals of Wicky and his "creative agitator" nature, launches a new integrated communications concept called  "MAKE NOISE". In its spirit to be irreverent, unconventional and express ideas of the youth market an be heard, the concept embraces the music world with its third rock band collaboration and a series of special events, such as the concert held during Energie's first appearance in the Milan Fashion Week Calendar


Denim, experimentation, creativity, and research are the key words to understand this urban casual mainstreamer brand, always connected with the youth world and with all the novelties concerning it. 
A brand where urban details and artistic inspirations are transformed into style.
An energetic, masculine and unconventional design to express a young man's personality beyond defined schemes and mere seasonal trends.

    I am a huge follower of fashion. I always keep myself updated with the new trends and new cuts but I also find a way to stand out and look different. For me, the core of a great piece of clothing is the construction and the cut. That is what I love about Energie Jeans. They always find a way to make every single piece fashionable but still look unique. This collection is a stunner. As one of the influencers of Energie Jeans, I am really amazed on how fashion forward this Italian brand is. Will totally keep you craving for more.
 I present you the Autumn/Winter collection.

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Autumn/Winter 2012

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