Monday, October 22, 2012

Brown Matter

Photographed by Josiah Medalla

              It's the start of the week again and you know what that means! It's always good to start the week right. We should set up a good mood for the following days to come. Always look and feel good on the first day of the week! It will really make a huge difference. So for my outfit today, I was going for a really vintage feel/look. Lots of brown in this look. I paired my browns with a maroon colored jeans to give it a little contrast to this outfit. With this kind of style, clutch bags always look good with it. I suggest that you get your own clutch (D'Loivale) that will go well with anything. This look is a little ethnic looking too. Ethnic with a modern twist? HAHA! I just love vintage prints on button downs it's such a character on it's own. So how do I look? :) 


Button Down from Ukay-ukay
Jeans from Social Collision
Moccasins from Superga
Bowler Hat from Divisoria
Clutch from D'Loivale
Pulseras from H&M

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