Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yellow Ranger

Photographed By Arvi Escaner

      Today, I'm Yellow Ranger! Yes I've blogged this shirt before and I am totally not going to wear this shirt once. I used to watch Power Rangers when I was little. I've always loved the how they exaggerate the action in that show! Like when the villain throw these rangers and all they fly exaggeratedly. In short, BAD ACTING! HAHA! But i really didn't mind because I was entertained during those times. Anyways, enough of that! Like what I've said, I am totally not going to wear this once. In my previous blog post, I wore this shirt as Pink Ranger. And now, I was feeling Yellow because of the hot weather. Three more rangers to go! Watch out for my Blue, Red, and Black ranger outfits with the same shirt! ;)


Power Ranger Shirt from Ukay-ukay
Shorts from Zara
Rucksack from Tommy Hilfiger 
Shoes from H&M
Socks from H&M
Cap from H&M

This is how I wore Pink Ranger! :)

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