Saturday, September 8, 2012

Alice in Modernland (Editorial)

    As promised, here are some of the editorial pictures of the Alice in Wonderland themed shoot. Did the styling for the guys and Cheshire Cat. Had a really great time! This totally challenged me because I had to base their outfits from the movie Alice in Wonderland. So here it is! :)

 Valerie Jiongco
Creative Director
Bjorn Bedayo
Adam Seth Teh
Joreen Navarro
Shy Cz
Crisza Basada
Alexis Angulo
Ryan Santiago
 (For the male models and Cheshire Cat)

STYLEDKevin Sy as Tweedledum
STYLEDSancho Dy as Mad Hatter

STYLEDLee Caces as March Hare
STYLEDEllie Reyes as Cheshire Cat

STYLEDKevin Garcia as Caterpillar 

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