Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chill Corporate

      Today is the first day of our Hong Kong trip! So this is what I wore going to HK. I actually wanted to look a little professional or corporate. I didn't notice that I actually look like Barney! HAHA! Purple top and green bottoms. And again, I wanted to play with colors but this time with pastel and a dark colored one. Didn't think about dressing up that much because all I thought about was SHOPPING! As of the moment, I'm actually just updating you guys cause I know I won't have that much time later at night. I'll keep you guys updated on my stay here in HK! Keep safe there in the Philippines, everyone!

                                           Button Down from G2000 ; Olive Green Pants from Zara
                Studded Envelope Clutch from D'Loivale ; LED Touch Watch from LunaChic Fashion Depot
                                                                     Moccasins from Superga

    I was doing test shots and decided why not feature my dad here! HAHA! So this is what he wore for our first day! :)

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