Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back To School

       It's back to school and oh how glad I am to get out of the house. It's been a week and there was really nothing much to do since "Habagat" was a really really bad boy! Being at home was such a bore. I didn't forget to watch the news and pray though. I was not able to volunteer for the people who are affected by the flood because we too are affected! HAHA! So basically it's imprisonment for a week. I did everything I could to keep you guys updated and I went searching for something to blog about. Thank God I did find some. Just some posts to keep you guys busy and not really think about the bad things that happened during the week.

       So for my outfit on the first meeting of school after "Habagat", I went for a "Back To School" student outfit. When I think about school, what comes to my mind are high socks, button downs and basically being preppy and cute. It's all about the innocents. HAHA! I actually felt cute in this outfit. It made me feel like a pre-schooler again. Just added it with a touch of my own personal style. Don't forget to always put something in your attire that represents you. Something that you can call your own. :) 

What do you guys think? :)

         This is what I wore for the comeback of Fashion Mondays which I will blog about soon! Really excited for you guys to see the outfits we put up for you. Will release the official photos this week! Watch out for it! ;)

                      Button Down from Giordano ; Khaki Shorts from Zara ; Glasses from Folded & Hung
                                                                Rucksack Bag from Tommy Hilfiger
       I would like to say thank you to Mirabai Sebastian for giving me a couple of these eye candy Bowties and trusting me in promoting her shop I V I (One Five One). A lot of great pieces! Get your Handmade accessories now! She will be part of a Bazaar at Rockwell this coming weekend! Will give you more details about that soon! I'll see you there! :)
I would like to thank Gerard Lopez for this Limitless Style pin that he gave me! It even came with a mug! He is the sweetest! Visit his blog! :)
                       Thank you LunaChic for this LED Touch watch that I have been amazed for days now!
                              Get yours now at LunaChic Fashion Depot! Lots of unique accessories!
Boat shoes from Sperry Topsiders

Photographed  by Tristan Flores

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  1. This one of my favorite outfits of yours ♥ haha and you're welcome >:D<


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