Tuesday, August 14, 2012


                          Pull-over: Gap ; Jeans: Social Collision ; Rucksack: Tommy Hilfiger ; Shoes: Vans
                                                  Accessories are from LunaChic Fashion Depot

         Why won't the rain stop!? Woke up hearing the rain pour down once again. I just want the sun to show up! It's been raining for a week and I've had enough of that. It was a really cold Tuesday and it was really windy. Basically it's cuddle weather so I wore something that says "Cuddle me!" HAHA! I really don't go over the top whenever the rain shows up. But i really believe that less is more. I was able to move freely and do some cartwheels. Kidding! :)) Anyways, so this is what I wore today. Loose tops really feels heavenly for me. So what do you guys think? :)

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