Sunday, August 19, 2012


  Fashion Mondays is back! It's been a while since the last FashMonds! Due to hectic schedules and suspensions of classes, Fashion Mondays momentarily disappeared but now it's back! We will continue giving you guys pegs and inspirations. So since it's back to school after the long weekend, the theme was Back To School. So here are some of the ways you could wear your "Back To School" outfits.

Join our Fashion Monday shoots every Mondays at the SDA 6th floor, 1-2:30pm. We'll see you guys there! :) 
                                                                         Tristan Flores
                                                                              Jamela Isip
                                                                                Lia Amper
                                                                               Carl Chavez
                                                                                 Lois Dy
Natasha Gerona

                                                                             Dani Barretto
                                                                             Gerard Lopez
                                                                                  Kay Salgado
                                                                              Cey Sevilla

                                                                 Photos by Tristan Flores

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