Saturday, June 9, 2012

What's In My Bag

Some of my friends suggested that I do a "What's In Your Bag" blog post. I carry little things but lots of my friends ask me if I have this or that and luckily, I do! I never leave the house unprepared. I hate that incomplete feeling. So here's what's inside my bag. A peek on what I bring everyday. :) 

This is basically the bag I use everyday in school. It's really big and space-y. You might wanna buy something like this. A bag that has lots of compartments and has lots of space for your things.
                          My notebook and my ballpens. NEVER leave the house without them.
        My wallet and my coin purse. Always separate the coins from the bills so that you know which one to  get in times like paying for your fare or buying "tingi" cigarettes or whatever.
                                My Ipod. This will come in handy if you're commuting alone.

                          This is a MUST for all the commuters. You'll never know when it'll rain.

           My wax. I use Bench Clay Doh. I've been using this product for years now.I just love everything about it. The smell, the hold, and the look it gives my hair.

         Lighter, Lip balm, Bandages. These are really necessary for me. Lighters are important. This can be used in so many things and not only lighting your cigarette. I bring a lip balm with me because I always have chapped lips. One more tip is that before and after you smoke, you apply lip balm so that your lips won't turn black. And lastly, Bandages. I always get "Paltos" because when you're in Taft, there will ba a lot of walking.

                              Tissue is also a must for me. I'm a huge pooper. HAHAHA!!

                             A fan. It's always hot in Taft. This is really handy for the Taft weather.

            Never in my life did I forget to bring cologne or perfume. I always want to smell good. This is something that you'll need if you smoke or always go around taft. You never want to smell bad for your afternoon classes right?

            And of course, my camera. How will I blog and take my outfit shots without my camera?

So that's it! Hope I gave you some tips on what to bring in school. :)

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