Thursday, June 7, 2012

Time Is Gold

          Pull-over, Dad's Closet ; Pants: Social Collision ; Boat Shoes: Sperry ; Bowler Hat: Divisoria

          santisantisanch: "WTF am I wearing?! I was literally rushing that I was not able to see what I'm wearing!!!" This is what I tweeted earlier this day heading to school. I was literally rushing awhile ago going to school that I was not able to see if everything matches. I slept again that's why I was kinda late for my 4:20 class. I literally got the first jeans I saw in my closet then I got this pull-over that I actually use for the gym then got my hat cause I had no time to fix my hair. I was really not aware of what I look like. Well I hope I pulled it off somehow. I promise not to put myself in this kind of situation EVER AGAIN! I was literally panicking. So what o you guys think? :)

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