Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fun Run

                                          With my bestest friend, Dani. Visit her blog HERE

                                                               Really tired from the run...
                                                                With Ced, Tas and Dani

          So earlier today was the One La Salle Fun Run that was held in MOA. May I just say, there are a lot of people! Mostly are from La Salle of course. So anyways, I was actually not registered in this run. I went with them so that I could take some pictures. I agreed to be their photographer. But what's really fun was I eventually ran with them. I was running while taking pictures. HAHA! It's something I don't usually do. That's a first! So my best friend Dani and I didn't really run. We were walking all through out the run. It was really really fun. It's actually my first time to join a fun run and I didn't expect it to be this fun! It's something I'd consider doing again.

          So after the race, we had our breakfast at Pancake House. Yes! I know! This is something people wouldn't do after exercising. Who cares! It was a fun run! The intention was not to lose some weight but to help the ones that'll benefit from the run. So yeah, I ordered the most sinful dish... PANCAKES WITH PEANUT BUTTER AND CHOCOLATE CHIPS + SYRUP AND CREAM! Yuuuuum!!! Oh well... Guess I have to join another run soon to burn this out. :))

                             WE ARE REALLY SORRY FOR OUR HAGARD FACES! =)))

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