Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"It's A Long Way To The Top" - ACDC

                   ACDC Shirt: Ukay-ukay ; Cuff Pants: Topman ; Belt: Zara ; Boots: Doc Martens

             Today I felt like dressing up but still dressed down. I'm starting to get really lazy to think of what to wear when I wake up. I believe it's everybody's problem. I was in the mood to wear boots today. I don't know why. I just missed that heavy feeling I feel when walking. HAHA! To tell you honestly, I didn't really think this outfit through. I just picked out whatever that is in my closet. Well I guess it turned out okay? :)

            So the shirt I'm wearing is one of those I bought from ukay. And again, 50 PESOS!!! I'm really convinced to shop more often in ukay-ukays. You don't see these kinds of prints in stores nowadays. It's either you really look for it or have it made. And like what I've said from my previous posts, I'm really in to rock/band shirts now. It's simply stylish just as is. No accessories!!! As you can see, my only accessories are my bracelets. I'm also a huge fan of ACDC! I love their song "It's A Long Way To The  Top". Reminds me so much of the movie School Of Rock. HUGE FAN OF JACK BLACK TOO! So what do you guys think? :)


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