Thursday, June 14, 2012


                                        Shirt: Ukay-ukay ; Jeans: Social Collision ; Shoes: Vans

     Today is tamad Thursday once again. So for my outfit today, I went for the T-shirt, Jeans and sneakers look. I heard that there will be a storm today so I wore something simple. I was expecting flood and all those chaos so I just threw on my jeans and some comfy shirt. If you look closely, I'm wearing something oversized again. I'm not really a fan of fitted shirts. One, because I'm not fit. HAHA! :)) And second, I can't really move that much with fitted shirts. I'm a lazy dresser at times.

     So this shirt was actually long. With the help from my good friend scissors, I cut some inches away. I also like the "effect' it makes when cutting a loose long shirt. It's hanging. People call it "Crop shirt" and they may say that crop shirts are for the ladies. I have to disagree. I have a ton of shirts that I crop. Men can wear these kinds of shirt too. just don't cut it too short. Wear the shirt first then measure how much you want to cut off the shirt then start cutting. So what do you guys think? :)

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