Saturday, June 16, 2012


Button Down and Pants: Ukay-ukay ; Shoes: Superga

         Sorry for the late post but this is what I wore to school yesterday. I was feeling a little Boho that day so I decided to wear something Bohemian. I've always loved boho style. You can literally dress down but with the choice of print, your look can totally be stylish. This is one of my favorite styles because one, I LOVE loose tops. And with boho, the looser the shirt, THE BETTER! This style is all about feeling free but still looking great at the same time. One more thing is that when wearing boho style, Its's better if you wear earth colors. That'll make the boho style even boho.

         Now here comes the best part. My favorite part too. If you really want to achieve the boho look, go to ukay-ukay! I promise you, you will find your perfect boho outfit. The prints that they sell in thrift shops are very bohemian. Well I call it "Lolo prints". They have a lot of them in ukay-ukays. One more good thing about ukay is that you get really nice finds with a really nice price. Never limit yourself with what is seen in the malls. One more great thing in ukay-ukays is that you won't have to worry that you'll bump in to some stranger and have the same shirt. You are the only one who has that top or pants or whatever you find in ukay-ukay but never forget to wash them first, okay? :) So what do you guys think? :)

Here are some pictures of the "Boho Style". With some of your own creativity, you can achieve this look with a touch of your personal style.

I applaud Vanessa Hudgens for having the best style when it comes to Boho.

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