Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sun + Rain

This day is so productive! First stop was Duty Free. I went with my dad and went shopping! The travel was worth it knowing that Duty Free was so far away! I got my new baby from Duty Free which I will be blogging about soon. But anyways, after Duty Free, I went to Metrowalk to meet up with some of my friend which is such a fail because I was not able to see them. My friend Dani already picked me up because we had other plans. Sobrang daming plano diba? :)) After Metrowalk, we went to our Tito and Tita's house. Never a dull moment with this girl! We are so alike! Both PALENGKERA! :)) 

So this is what I wore for the rest of the day. I was going for that preppy-ish but with a twist. It was really hot but there was rain so I decided to wear shorts and throw my "royalty" cardigan on. :)) ENJOY!

                                                               Cardigan: Ukay-Ukay
                                                 Belt and Shorts: Zara, Moccasins: Superga
                         I LOVE THIS GIRL! Check her blog out at


  1. Credits to me :)
    I love this post! because my beautiful face is in it. =))) kidding.
    I love you forever ry! you know your my back up husband right? when all else fails we'll always have each other. :)

    1. I owe you a lot! =)) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABES!!! YOU'LL ALWAYS BE MY WIFEY!!! :*

  2. love your style and your header! ^__^


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