Friday, May 11, 2012

Gym Buddy

     I am really excited to introduce to you guys my new gym buddy! Isn't she lovely? :"> But anyways, I got it from Duty Free. I was walking and walking and walking then this pair caught my attention. I really love the color combination! It's like a match made in heaven! I remembered that my old pair of gym shoes was only given to me by my tito. As in hand down! As in pamana! In other words, GAMIT NA! :)) So I asked my dad if he could get me this pair cause one, I really needed a new pair cause the old one looks filthy and second, It looks heavenly and stylish!

     Okay, so I tried it a while ago in the gym and I was really excited to go to Gold's Gym (Thank you to Gold's Gym Katipunan by the way!) and walk around in it! I'm really not bragging about it but it's really light and really comfortable! SERYOSO! I can walk forever with this pair! Not only stylish but also comfy! Now that's what you call investment. Oh before I forget, It's called the Adizero Ace 3M. If you guys are into working out and running, you should go grab a pair. There are different other color combinations if I'm not mistaken. So there you go! My new gym buddy! :)

                                                                      Adizero Ace 3M

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