Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kobe Meets Acid Wash

                                          Kobe Shirt: Addidas ; Jeans: F&H ; Shoes: Vans

     Today, we visited our kabarkada at The Medical City in Pasig. He got injured playing basketball and went through an operation. Don't worry! He's okay! I don't want to elaborate on what happened to him because it's really gruesome. Everything went well for all of us. It's been months since we got together as a group. (The others didn't visit)

     So as a tribute to my friend, I wore a Kobe shirt and paired it with acid-ish/bleached-ish jeans and Vans. Like what I've said from my previous blog post, there's nothing wrong with mixing and matching. Who knew that a basketball shirt like this could be worn with jeans like those. I also wanted to wear something comfy. I wanted to wear something that I could move freely. So there you go! :)

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