Sunday, May 20, 2012

When In Rome

                                       Button Down: Zara ; Blazer: Zara ; Pants: Centaurio

This weekend, my close friends and I attended a debut celebration at Grand Palazzo Royale in Pampanga. The first time we walked in the Palazzo, we felt like we were in Rome. The architecture was jaw dropping! There were even paintings everywhere! I really felt like I was not in the Philippines. If any of you are planning on having a debut, you might wanna try booking in Grand Palazzo Royale located at Pampanga.

So What did I wear? I wore something simple. I didn't want to wear something over the top. I went for a beige and brown outfit. The pants that I'm wearing is my favorite khaki pants that I almost wear in every formal event. I just love the fit of it. It's stretchy and really comfy. So there you go! Hope you like it! ;)

Some Pictures of the Palazzo

With the Debutant :)

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