Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bad Kid

With the photographer, Raff Colmenar. (Right)

So I modeled for my friend Raff Colmenar for his project. He is a really great artist and a great photographer. He's also taking up Multi-Media Arts in DLS-CSB. There are lots of great artists in CSB just like Raff here. CSB IS THE PLACE TO BE! :))

Since this is a Lady Gaga inspired photoshoot, I decided to wear something "Gaga". Gaga is known for her really heavy leather jackets and vintage / 80's/ rocker fashion. So there you go! My "Gaga" outfit! Now if you're loving this kind of fashion, you better start searching for your parents' teenage days clothes! I promise you that your moms and dads still has their super heavy leather jackets and boots with them. Maybe in the basement? The jacket I'm wearing is from my dad. Don't you just love clothes from the past? :)) I am in-love with this heavy leather studded jacket! So go ahead! Start searching for your dad's leather jacket! :))

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