Thursday, May 24, 2012

Color BLACKing

           Tank: Ukay ; Pants: Social Collision ; Hoodie: Zara ; Necklaec: Personalized Accessories

With my newly met rebel friend, Ynah Perez! 

So today was a really tiring day! Went to school early to meet up with Tasing and Dani and go to Ukay-Ukay. Tas and Dani were going crazy since it was their first time going to an Ukay-Ukay. They had great finds and was really satisfied with what they got. Of course, I didn't go out without buying anything. It was really cheap and the clothes look GREAT! Looking forward to Ukay adventure again with my closest friends! :D

So for my outfit, I really didn't know what to wear. I thought it was going to rain so I decided to bring a jacket but then when I looked outside the window, it was really hot so I decided to wear a tank top. I wanted to look edgy too so I went all black. I only had one class so I got comfy pants and comfy top. Hope you like it, guys! :)



  1. Wow! U're so good in finding great Ukay stores!

    U deserve the title of UKAY KING! lol.

    I love everything about ur outfit :))


  2. @Irish Sa may Taft. Sa SM Harizon :)

  3. @Queen AWWWWWWWWW!!! Thank you! If I see an ukay store, I just go for it! :D


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