Thursday, February 21, 2013


Photographed by Gerard Lopez

          For today, I wanted to look simple, rock-ish, and comfortable. I missed these tribal prints! And it's also the first time I left the sleeves down. I'm fond of folding long sleeves.. but today, since It was kinda gloomy and windy, I left it as is. Basically I just threw on an appealing top then jeans then of course, my fave fave fave sneakers! LOVE 'EM! I love the print on this top because it's really feminine but masculine at the same time. The feminine color + the masculine patern = fashion sex. As you can see I haven't been wearing my my glasses. Since I chopped my hair, I just think that wearing shades compliment my hair. To be honest, I look better in shades with this hairstyle. HAHA! It's the first time I actually appreciated salons since I always have my haircuts in barber shops. YES! Barber shops! I'm normal okay? =)) Anyways, There you have it! Today's outfit! :)


Button Down from Topman
Jeans from Oxygen
Watch from Swatch
Shades from Neff
Bracelets from Bazaar
Shoes from Vans

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