Thursday, January 10, 2013


Photographed by Tristan Flores

Holiday season just ended and what better way to start the workout season by wearing something sporty! I'm reeeeeally in to sporty looks right now. Maybe to cover all the holiday fats and make it look as if you're working out but in reality you're just dieting. HAHAHA!! But what I really love about the sporty look is that it's really COMFY! You can dress up in a minute but still look capital S.T.Y.L.I.S.H. AMEN! It's also really appropriate for school since my school is really far away from ours, it is starting to be a necessity for me to wear something like this. Fashionable without sacrificing comfort.

So for my color scheme today, I once again played with the colors. Who doesn't love color right? Seeing something colorful can brighten up your day. It's like an automatic happy pill. Mixed and matched work-out clothes with a casual look. So here's the outcome! What do you guys think? :)


Jacket from Adidas
Shirt from Bodega
Shorts from Zara/DIY
Shoes from Adidas
Rucksack from Tommy Hilfiger
Watch from Swatch

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