Thursday, January 17, 2013


Photographed by Tristan Flores 

          I'M IN RED!!! I seldom wear red and I don't know why I don't wear it. But today, I did! I look really white in this color! HAHA! This get-up is reaaaaally comfortable! Close to loungewear. Anyways, I have been searching for latest fashion trends this 2013 and what really caught my attention was the Meggings. For those who doesn't know what it means, it's a short cut for men leggings. COOL RIGHT?! So meggings will be really trendy this 2013. I must say, I AM LOVING THE MEGGINGS!! They're like skinnies but BETTER! No wonder girls wear them all the time. So I paired this bottom with an UNSCHLD shirt which I'm really diggin'! Loose top + ultramegasuperfit bottom + HEAVEN! I would actually wear this to bed! Finished it off with socks, cap and this really boxing-esq kicks from Vans. I think I'm gonna start wearing red more often. So what do you guys think? :)


Meggings from Ukay-ukay
Cap from Fatal
Socks from H&M
Watch from Swatch
Shoes from Vans

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