Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Photographed by Tristan Flores

                 I missed my lazy ass loose button downs! I missed the feeling of wearing a rice sack. I'm glad we actually reunited! HAHA! :)) I don't know why I don't ever graduate from loose tops. It's something I'd keep with me forever. Though I've worn some semi-fitted tops like from my previous posts, Loose tops will always be my comfort zone. The days where you just want to feel comfortable. What I think is a good combi for both men and women is wearing loose tops and pairing it with really tight jeans. In that way, it balances the loose and the fit. I've always loved blue. I grew up loving this color but when I stepped in at SDA, I started learning more about colors and experimented more. The white wall will totally turn me insane. So there you have it! A chill look. :)


Button Down from Dockers
Jeans from Oxygen
Shoes from Vans
Cap from H&M
Watch from Swatch

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