Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Photographed by Lee Caces

              I've always been a huge follower of the dancer fashion. I really love how dancers dress.  I mean I admit I'm not a dancer but every time I do this get-up, I feel so much energy and it just makes me wanna dance. HAHA! What I like about this style is that it's really baggy. It gives you so much comfort but most of all, it gives you so much confidence. Why? because it hides all your fats! HAHA! Maybe that's the reason why I love loose clothes or anything baggy. It hides my insecurities. What's really nice about this is that it's really young, fun, and hip. I think anyone can pull this off. For me, this is the easiest style to copy. You just get all your loose and baggy clothes then wear them all together. Now what I'm starting to love is the bracelet overload. I just keep piling them up! The more bracelets, THE BETTER! You'll be seeing more of the bracelet overload in my following outfit posts. So what do you think? :) 


Denim Button Down from Levi's
Graphic Tank Top from Poptarts Dance Crew
Maroon Joggers from H&M
Cap from H&M
Kicks from Supra
Pulseras from H&M/Bangkok

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