Friday, November 9, 2012

Eagle Eye

Photographed by Miko Carreon

             Yesterday was an adventure! It was a busy yet really fun day! First stop was Taft for my one and only class. Studies first! Then after my class, I went straight to Dillinger's Greenbelt for the Supra event. (Will blog about that soon). Got to see so much foreign and Filipino skaters there and was also able to meet other bloggers. Then after the event, I went straight to my party at Graffiti. Yes, it was my birthday yesterday! :)) It was actually really funny cause I was the one late for my party and everyone was at Graffiti already. Friday traffic sucks! But thank God I was able to get there safe.

            Anyways, so for my outfit that day, I wore something different in school which is really not bloggable. HAHA! I changed my outfit for the Supra event and basically wore the same outfit for my party. It was just a chill casual look. Yes, it's a tribal inspired get-up. I just love anything tribal. TRIBAL TRIBAL TRIBAL!!! Did some layering and paired it with this really cool Ombre jeans. Finished it off with my favorite moccasins and minimal accessories. What do you guys think? :)


Button Down from Topman
Grey Shirt from Hanes
Ombre Jeans from Social Collision
Moccasins from Superga
Necklace from PNG
Pulseras from H&M

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