Sunday, September 2, 2012

Passport: Hong Kong Day 3

    For the third day of our Hong Kong trip, we basically just went out to go shopping. Went to Central and did all the shopping there since it was near our hotel and almost all the brands can be found there. We also visited the newly opened Abercrombie store. You know what that means! Yes, girls! Topless Abercrombie model/s! See the photo set below! Enjoy! ;)

                                Mcdonald's for breakfast! Got tired of eating nothing but duck! =))

                                                                 ABERCROMBIE BABY!!!
                                                   The topless Abercrombie model that day! :>

       I didn't ask him to look at the camera and pose for me. He totally just looked at my camera and posed! =)) Hmmmm.... Wonder why.... :))

         These 2 photos were the only photos where I asked him if we could take a photo with him. =))

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