Friday, September 14, 2012

Maroon Vibe

Photographed by Josiah Medalla

        Today was a lazy lazy Friday. Literally one of those days where I would just love to stay at home and relax and think about nothing, but I had to go to school for my class. Anyways, since it was a lazy Friday, I went for a lazy dancer, skater, chill look. I am in-love with the color maroon. Any shades of maroon, I LOVE! It's like my new thing now. Anything that is maroon or has maroon, I get! HAHA! It's really true. If you wear something gothic, you will feel really gothic. If you wear something rocker, you will feel like a rockstar. In my case, I felt like a dancer in this! I was dancing randomly in class cause I was feeling this "dancer" energy in me. HAHA! So what do you guys think? :) 

Oh and BTW, sorry for my corny title! HAHAHA! =))


Shirt from E.S.
Cuffed Joggers from H&M
Cap from H&M
Shoes from H&M
Pulseras from H&M

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