Thursday, September 6, 2012


Photographed by Mirabai Sebastian

           First day of second term starts today! Boy our break was soooo long! ( being sarcastic here ). We had a  1 day break due to the suspension of classes that we had during the first term. So the original schedule was moved and ended up having a day of break. Great right? NOT!

         Anyways, for my outfit today, I went for a colorful get-up. It's fashion show once again in SDA! HAHA! I think it's a must to dress up during first day of classes. Not to brag about your clothes or anything like that, but for me, it's a way to give people and your new classmates that good impression. Being presentable and looking good on your first day will give your classmates that impression that you should be respectable. In order to gain respect, dress decently I guess? So today, I went for a playful outfit. Something  professional looking but still casual. 

Aztec button down from Gogo
Jeans from Social Collision
Moccasins from Superga
Envelope clutch from D'Loivale

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