Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Passport: Hong Kong Day 1

      Hi guys! Today, Im going to take you with me on our first day in HK! if you have never been to Hong Kong, well... better start saving up because this place is INCREDIBLE! Here are some of the pictures on our day 1! Don't want to prolong my speech! Let the pictures tell the story! ;) ENJOY!

                                             My dad with Yeng Constantino and the whole TFC team

 Won't go anywhere without my LED touch watch from LunaChic Fashion Depot and my Clutch from D'LoiVale

                                                                                 Our Hotel

                                                      There were a lot of graffitis on the wall!

                                                             First meal of the day! DIET! =))

                                                                      LOVE THE PRINT!

                                With Xian Lim, Yeng Constantino and the whole TFC Team!

                                                                  FELLOW FILIPINOS!

                                           With the most RAW person ever! LOVE THIS GIRL!

                                                                 You guys jealous? =))
My outfit for dinner!

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