Friday, August 3, 2012


                                 Cardigan: Marc Anthony ; Button Down: Folded & Hung ;
                                            Jeans: Social Collision ; Mocassins: Superga

   Yesterday was a really fun and unpredictable day! Before I tell you about that, let's go to my outfit first.  I know you guys still follow the colored jeans kind of style. It was really in years ago and everyone had a pair of colored jeans. Some people even had all colors. But as years go by, people are starting to call it "baduy" or out of fashion or style. I have to admit, I actually thought about that too years ago but now, I started liking colored jeans again! Colored jeans are like statement jewelries. You don't need to much to stand out. Just throw on something simple and style it properly, then you'll get something fashionable out of it. So that's what I did. Threw on something simple over my colored jeans and I always wear Mocassins over fitted or colored jeans. I just think it looks more polished and fun.

    Anyways, earlier that day. I was really lucky and privileged to have met one of my idol shoe designers, Joco Comendador. He is a really talented shoe designer who think outside the box and make statement killer shoes. Joco is one talented designer! Here are some photos of me and his creations.

                               Men can now wear sky high shoes! From his men's collection.


  1. Nice blog! :)

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