Wednesday, August 1, 2012


          Hoodie: Topman ; Button Down: Thrift ; Khaki: Zara ; Boots: Doc Martens ; Beanie: H&M

       I know what you're thinking! "What is he wearing? Philippines? Looking like that?" HAHAHA! Well... I had to! Due to bad weather, I had to be waterproof! The wind was also really intense today! It was like the perfect New York weather. It was drizzling but I really enjoyed the wind. The sun showed up for a while but thank God, it went away! I will surely look hideous if the sun continued to show up. It was actually really funny because when I got to my school, everyone was wearing their winter outfits. It was like I wasn't in the Philippines. It was like I was studying abroad! This day couldn't get any better! Perfect windy weather PLUS suspension of classes! This is the only day that I wore something like this and the weather cooperated. HALLELUJAH!!! So what do you guys think? :)

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