Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Feeling At Home

                         Top: Giordano ; Shorts: DIY ; Espadrilles: Zara ; Bowler Hat: Divisoria

        Today, I wanted to just relax and feel free. Because of the unbearable weather, I didn't want to dress too much. I wanted to wear something that could let me run under the shade when it rains. True enough, it did! I also wanted to feel like I'm at home chilling. So for my outfit today, I did a relaxed kind of style but I didn't forget to look fashionable. To tell you the truth, it's really hard to wear espadrilles on a rainy weather. I'm still on the search for that fashionable rain boots. I really am going to wear rain boots to school once I get myself one! So what do you guys think?

P.S. Sorry for the bad lighting! This was taken at night. :(

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