Thursday, June 28, 2012


        Fashion Mondays, here we go! This is just something that we had in our minds an we wanted this to be a Monday habit. So every Mondays, we dress up to start the week right. We want people to know that they don't have to be insecure. If guys feel like wearing heels, we are not stopping you and if girls feel like wearing baggy shorts, go ahead. Every Mondays you are free to do so!

       Give us your best outfits every Mondays! If we spot you, we will feature you in our blogs and show the world that Philippines is in style. You can join our Monday shoots at the SDA building, 6th floor at 1-2:30pm. Let us spread the word and make Fashion Mondays a habit!

Our first official entry for Fashion Mondays.

                                                 Tristan Flores ( )
                                                                                 Lia Amper
                                     Katrina Alcazar ( )
                                        Carl Chavez ( )

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