Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Touch Of Pink

So we celebrated mother's day at home. Had lunch with our cousins and relatives. We decided to stay at home and gather around there since it's been a while since the Santiagos got together. 

I decided to wear something plain but still look edgy I guess? I'm into that skeleton/ rock looking shirts nowadays. I don't know why I suddenly felt like wearing something rock. I don't even listen to rock music. HAHA! I just like their fashion. So I decided to put on this "The Goonies" shirt and pair it up with short shorts which is really in for the us men this season. Took a risk and paired it with pink espadrilles to balance the rocker look with a chill look. You guys should take risks and experiment to achieve the "personal style" look. There's nothing wrong with mixing and matching! Hope you guys like it! ;)

                                                       Sorry for my background! HAHA!
"The Goonies" shirt from Hot Topic
                                                    Denim shorts: DIY ; Belt from Zara
Bowler hat from Divisoria
Pink Espadrilles from Zara

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