Saturday, May 12, 2012

Less Is More

          So last night was a productive night for me. Went to Edsa Shang Hotel cause I attended a party there then went straight to Eastwood to meet up with some of my closest friends. This is what I wore. I'm sorry if I'm kinda formal for Eastwood. HAHA! I needed to wear something formal because of the party at Edsa Shang. I didn't want to wear something "loud" because I didn't really know the birthday celebrant. My dad just asked me to go with him and so I decided to wear something classy. I got the inspiration from the fashion of the working dudes in New York. Something fresh and something classy and I believe in the saying that less is more.  So there you go! :)

                                                            Button Down from Zara
                                                           Khaki Pants from Centaurio

                                                                     My polo's print
                                                                 Moccasins from Superga

                                                 With Dom, Ken, and Marty (left to right)
I got this wonderful case from Eastwood! The color caught my eyes! My friends told me that this color was hard to find so I got it. It was originally 150 pesos which is still expensive for a case so I did a bargain. The last price was 130 but with a little charm, I got it for 120. I love my new case!

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  1. you look good in that outfit :))
    it looks comfortable and i love the pants ♥

    hope you could check out my blog


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