Wednesday, May 23, 2012


               Shirt: Ukay-Ukay ; Pants: Social Collision ; Plims: H&M ; Sunnies and Satchel: F&H

         Another late post! So this is what I wore on the second day of school. I knew it was going to be a long day for me so I decided to wear a shirt that is loose enough to move. I really am not a huge fan of fitted shirts. I'm more in to "lousy" looking pieces. I got this shirt from UKAY!  I love ukay-ukay! There are a lot of things you wouldn't imagine seeing! I love the print on the shirt since animal faces are in today. When I saw this, I remembered the Givenchy sweat shirt that I wanted. The Rottweiler sweat shirt. :( I got this shirt right away for only 50 pesos! CHEAP RIGHT!? I will be posting more of my Ukay purchases soon! :)
The Rottweiler sweat shirt that I wanted from Givenchy! :( Costs a fortune!

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