Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Photographed by Tristan Flores

     I really love today's outfit! Reminded me so much of my childhood. I actually felt like I was going to Disneyland today! What I love about today's outfit is that it's really comfortable. I also like this get-up because of the young vibe it gives. Since i'm not that young anymore, I cheat my age by dressing a little "young". For this one, I made use of my imagination again. The shorts im actually wearing was an old jogging pants I had that I cut because it was already 'bitin'. I really love the Mickey Mouse icon on the side. It gave this whole outfit a different look. I also love my color scheme! Really minimalist. The pop of pink my sunnies give really contrast the blues I'm wearing. So there you go! A look you could wear anytime, anywhere. ;)



Denim Button Down from Ukay-ukay
Shorts is DIY
Shoes from Adidas 
Socks from Divisoria
Watch from Swatch
Sunnies from Neff
Belt Bag from Muji

1 comment:

  1. kuya Ryan.... where do you usually go ukay shopping?? :) hihi great find yung denim button down! :)


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