Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Photographed by Tristan Flores

It's been a while since my last outfit post. BOOO!!! I'm back! So this is what I wore today. I look so retro! I love it! So 80's! I say this all the time... if I were to be given a chance to choose an era to live in, it'll have to be the eighties. I just love everything about 80's from fashion, music, and everything! That inspired my outfit today. I actually gave this look a modern twist to make it more interesting. I just love this top so much! Shouts vintage! I love the colors of it. Really eye-poping and relaxing at the same time. Everyone knows i'm a huge ukay-ukay fan. Everything in thrift shops tell a story and that's what I love. every piece is unique and you will definitely not find anyone wearing the same thing you're wearing. LOVE! So there you go! Today's outfit. :)


Button Down from Ukay-ukay
Jeans from H&M
Shoes from Vans
Shades from Folded and Hung
Watch from Swatch

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