Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Photographed by Tristan Flores

For today's outfit, I went for something really relaxed or "home-y". Pambahay-ish in tagalog. HAHA! It was a really hot day so I just went for a simple look. Your typical shirt, shorts, shades get-up. But for a simple look, of course I will try my best to still make it look Fash and stylish. The shorts i'm wearing is actually from Landmark. My eyes went SOOO big the minute I saw it! I just love the Tie Dye print on it and the colors they have are to die for! It's simple yet very in. I'm also digging the belt bag! It's very convenient and and it's perfect for chill or sporty looks. And it really went well with my color scheme today. So there you go! OOTD!


Shirt from Adidas
Shorts from Landmark
Shades from Neff
Belt Bag from Muji
Watch from Swatch

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