Thursday, January 24, 2013


Photographed by Tristan Flores

         Welcome to modern gym wear! I don't know what it is with workout clothes that I am so addicted to! It's starting to become my favorite! It's just so hip and young and you could really test your creativity with this kind of style. Like what I've said from my previous blog post, this is a really comfortable style.  It's like you're wearing nothing but "pambahay". What I like about this look is that it's loud but not because of the cut of the clothes or whatever, but rather, the COLOR! NEON NEON NEON! I barely wear neon. When I say barely, I mean like once a year! But this jacket is an exception. I would totally wear this whenever. Right now, my essential is running shoes or anything for workout but with a pop of color. This is really fun! I actually wanted to go jog! So there you go! Today's outfit! :)


Jacket from Lacoste
Shirts from Adidas
Jeans from H&M
Socks from Dad's Closet
Shoes from Adidas
Watch from Swatch

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