Thursday, November 22, 2012


Photographed by Josiah Medalla

                 For today's outfit, I went for a really fresh looking get up. Really youthful and sporty in a way. Because of the heat, I decided to wear white. White is also my "comfort zone" color. Aside from styling it easily, it looks really fresh. Perfect for the really hot weather. I used white in a really simple yet fun get-up today. Something really appropriate for school. I also missed layering and I wanted to look as white as possible so I decided to also wear white for my undershirt. I really love this look. It kinda gives me that 80's sporty vibe too! I was actually dying to have t he Vans authentic all white sneakers I'm wearing so I got it right away when I had the chance. What do you guys think? :) 


Button Down from Zara
Inner White Shirt from Giordano
Jeans from H&M
Rucksack from Tommy Hilfiger
Sneakers from Vans
Pulseras from H&M/Bangkok

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